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Submission Guidelines



We accept articles and essays, short stories, photography, other artistic/creative artifacts, travel and conference reports, as well as nonfiction, fiction, film, and television reviews. As an effort to promote the writing of history by undergraduate students, this journal especially welcomes short essays written by undergraduate students for their lower-level history courses, such as World Civilizations and American History.

All submissions should be emailed to the Editors at as an attached file saved in MS Word. In the body of the e-mail message, include current contact information and a two- or three-sentence biography. Authors will receive an e-mail confirming submission receipt and readability.

Style requirements

The manuscripts should be prepared using MS Word software with Times New Roman font, size 12, doubled space, 1-inch margin on all the sides, and full justification. Indent the first word of a paragraph by 1/2 inch or 5 spaces, and number all pages consecutively, putting page numbers in the bottom center. Phrases and isolated words in languages other than English should be italicized. Figures, tables, and photos should be inserted into manuscript at the time of initial submittal and need to be appropriately titled, sourced, and numbered consecutively. Use full citation footnotes and in that case no need to provide a bibliography or reference list. Footnotes should be brief and numbered consecutively throughout the text. The entire manuscript should not exceed 25 pages, including tables and notes. Consult the latest edition of Chicago Manual of Style for all other style issues. Manuscripts not adhering to the requirements will be returned to the author for revision.

Editing procedure

All articles and essays are double blind peer reviewed. Authors will receive feedback from the reviewers through the editors as soon as possible. We ask that all authors thoroughly copyedit and proofread materials they submit, and we will return material without further editing until this has been accomplished. The editors, in consultation with blind peer reviewers, will supervise all changes necessary for publication. All acceptances are conditional upon completion of all changes deemed necessary by the editors. All decisions by the reviewers are final. Conflicts between reviewers, author, and/or other parties will be resolved by the meeting of editors.

Copyright & Permissions

Individual authors retain the rights to their own works; however, they must grant permissions to us to include said works as part of the contracted issue of the journal, and as part of a permanently archived electronic database. Material reprinted from our journal must carry a notice giving the publication details for the work's appearance in this journal. Teachers are warmly invited and encouraged to use this journal in their classes.

All inquiries, suggestions and corrections regarding our journal should be directed to the editors at

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