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The value of your education is measured by how much you learn, as well as how much it costs. At Armstrong, you get the feel of a private school at a state school price, with tuition that is one of the most affordable in Georgia.

Estimated Cost of Attendance Per Semester*
In-State Tuition and Fees** $3,166
Out-of-State Tuition and Fees $9,576
On-Campus Housing $3,200 - $3,775
Meal Plan $860 - $2,049

*Estimate is based on full-time enrollment as an undergraduate student. Estimate is per semester and subject to change.
** In-state tuition available for undergraduate tuition for residents of Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Alabama.

Tuition and Fees Calculator

Fill out the form below to get an estimate of your tuition and fees. If you are uncertain about your answers to any of the questions, you may want to review How Tuition and Fees are Set first to determine your status. Note: A few programs have special tuition rates and are not included in this calculator.

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  • Please choose from the the terms listed below to see the correct tuition rates and fees: Get Help

    The academic year begins with the fall semester, and runs through the end of the summer session in the following year. For example, the 2014-2015 academic year begins in August of 2014 and ends in August of 2015.

  • Are you enrolling in graduate or undergraduate courses? Get Help

    Freshman through senior level students usually enroll in undergraduate courses. Graduate courses (course numbers of 5000 and above) are primarily for students who have already completed a four-year (bachelor) degree. However, it is possible for upper-level students to enroll in both undergraduate and graduate courses within the same term. Calculate these separately to get a more accurate estimate.

  • Are you a Georgia Resident or eligible for an Out-of-State Tuition waiver? Get Help
    Georgia residents are charged lower tuition rates than non-residents. Legal residence is determined based on information submitted during the admission process. Non-residents can sometimes qualify for waivers to reduce their tuition to the in-state rate. For more details, see How Tuition and Fees are Set.
  • Do any of your classes meet at our main campus or within Chatham County? Get Help
    Mandatory fees can vary depending on where courses are held. Campus information can be found in the description for the course section you are interested in. The campus will be listed just below the course level.
  • Are you active duty military? Get Help
    Active duty military personnel are not required to pay the special institutional fee. This discount does not apply to family members of active duty personnel.
  • Number of classroom credit hours for which you have registered: Get Help
    A typical course load for full-time undergraduate students (freshman - senior) is 12-18 credit hours per term. Full-time graduate students take 9-12 credit hours.Tuition rates are different for online courses, so subtract online credit hours from the number here and enter them in the box.
  • Number of online credit hours for which you have registered: Get Help
    Fully online courses are charged at a different rate than on-campus courses and are also not subject to the tuition cap. Also, certain fees do not apply when you take all your classes online. For more details, see Online Tuition & Fees FAQs

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