Housing & Residence Life

Area Coordinator:
Loren Johnson

Graduate Assistant:
Upendo Makali

Resident Assistants (East Wing):
Taylor Alvarez - 1st Floor 
Skyler Morris - 2nd Floor 
Maria Moreno - 2nd Floor 
Shawna Defreitas - 3rd Floor 
Portia Keene - 3rd Floor 
Chelsea Miles - 4th Floor
Hunter Hart - 4th Floor

Resident Assistants (West Wing):
Katie Anne Fopiano - 1st Floor
Henry Laxson - 2nd Floor
Alexandra Murillo - 2nd Floor
Cecilia Hernandez - 3rd Floor
Cody Ledford - 3rd Floor
Andrew Jones - 4th Floor
Ashley Lokey - 4th Floor

Windward Commons

Windward Commons is a suite-style residence hall developed specifically for first-year students, that features wireless internet, common social areas, two full kitchens, two laundry facilities and even two classrooms — all designed to make your campus experience the best it can be. Since 2010, Armstrong has been housing first-year students together to improve their Armstrong experience. This means that all first-year students will have the opportunity to be a part of Armstrong's unique residential experience surrounded by their friends and classmates, while living in a space they can call their own. 

Choices & Rates

With all utilities, unlimited laundry, cable, internet and parking decal included, the rates for Academic Year 2014-2015 are:
All rates are pending Board of Regents' approval and are subject to change.

Semi-Private Suite:$3,144 Fall/ $3,144 Spring 
Private Suite: $3,285 Fall/ $3,285 Spring
Single Suite: $3,397 Fall/ $3,397 Spring
*Single Suites are reserved for students with ADA needs.  

Private Bunk Bed Suite: $2,463.75 Fall/ $2,463.75 Spring
Single Bunk Bed Suite: $2,547.75 Fall/ $2,547.75 Spring
*Bunk Bed Suites are reserved for overflow housing options only. 

One-Of-A-Kind Amenities

Windward Commons is bigger and better than anything Armstrong has ever seen before. Check out the unique amenities this residence hall boasts that sets it apart from all others of its kind.

Floor Plans

Take a look at the floor plan options available in this state-of-the-art residence hall.

Check out Armstrong's Virtual Tour for more photos!

Welcome to the land of the pirates!


3-D Floor Plans

Armstrong's Student Union Building
This state-of-the-art facility is the centerpiece of the campus. It features a food court, theater, coffee shop, social seating, and phone charging areas. The Student Union is also the first green building on campus, setting the precedent for future campus initiatives.