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Student Account FAQs

What is in my student account?

The student account lists charges and payments for each student and shows a balance due to the university or due to the student. It can also show estimated credits for Financial Aid and third party contracts.

How do I find out how much I owe?

Log into the Port of Armstrong and click on Touchnet Bill Pay System. This is where your charges show up once you register. When you register, this serves as your bill. Statements and schedule bills are generated on a regular basis for the current term for the charges and credits as of the date of the bill, and those amounts are subject to change. Your charges are billed on your account when you register. We have deadlines posted for each term, and the final day to submit on-time payments is usually the last Friday before school starts. Classes will be dropped if not paid for by this date. 

What happens if I owe the university money?

A hold will be put on your account. Different holds prevent you from doing activities like registering and getting a transcript. “Holds” can be placed on the student account by a variety of departments. Contact that department if your account has been placed on “hold”. Types of holds are listed below.

          Type of hold                   Contact this department        
Accounts Receivable Bursar
Academic Records Registrar’s Office
Admissions Admissions Office
Financial Aid Financial Aid Office
Graduation Registrar’s Office
Parking, Traffic Public Safety
Library Library
Returned Checks Bursar
Other unpaid charges Bursar

Your account may also be subject to collection action if the bill has been outstanding for 90 days or longer. Please contact us with questions! There may be additional penalties assessed and other consequences for outstanding balances referred to a collection agency.

Payment Deadlines

  • Summer 2015: Fri, June 5
  • Fall 2015: Fri, August 14
  • Spring 2016: Fri, January 8

Payment Plan Enrollment Deadlines

(rolling enrollment, options vary)
  • Summer 2015: Mar 26, Apr 24, May 22, June 2
  • Fall 2015: July 1 through Aug 14


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