Colleges & Departments

College of Education
Degree programs in the College of Education are designed to produce prepared, reflective educators committed to excellence in the profession and the learning of all students. The College also works to help students develop a depth of knowledge and the power of imagination that will enable them to take leadership positions and improve the quality of education across our state and beyond.

  Childhood & Exceptional Student

Secondary, Adult & Physical Education
Office of Field Experiences

College of Health Professions
Armstrong’s College of Health Professions is your path to a career in health professions. Join us and be part of a thriving community-based hub of integrated healthcare education, health promotion, and service.

  Rehabilitation Sciences
Health Sciences
Medical Laboratory Science
Radiologic Sciences
Respiratory Therapy


College of Liberal Arts
Graduates from our many departments and interdisciplinary programs are among our region's finest and most successful leaders in such areas as government, criminal justice, law, business, and entertainment. Students in the College of Liberal Arts study the arts, humanities, and social sciences in the classroom and beyond through internships, performances, exhibitions, undergraduate research projects and study abroad programs.

  Art, Music & Theatre
Criminal Justice, Social &
   Political Science

Languages, Literature &

Interdisciplinary Programs
Military Science/ROTC


College of Science & Technology
With an emphasis on creating student research opportunities and preparing students for exciting careers and challenging graduate programs, the College of Science and Technology provides programs of study in applied physics, biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, information technology, mathematics, and psychology.

Chemistry & Physics
Computer Science & Information Technology