Science & Technology Expansion Program (STEP)



Dr. Delana A. Nivens
Assistant Dean, College of Science and Technology
Professor of Chemistry
11935 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31419

Dr. Traci Ness
Director of STEP
Assistant Professor of Biology
Department of Biology
11935 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31419

Application for STEP Scholar at Armstrong

The STEP Scholar Committee will review the information below and will refer to the academic records previously provided to the Admissions Office. The Committee will announce initial awards as soon as possible, but no later than June 6, 2014. Should students chosen for awards decide not to enroll at Armstrong in the Fall, they will be removed from the program and forfeit any monies due to them.
All items are required unless indicated. Applications missing required items may not be considered.

Submit application by May 2, 2014 (489 days left!)

Personal Information

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Experience and Goals


Prioritize your interest in up to 6 research projects, by choosing the project in the boxes below.. , rating them 1-6, with 1 indicating the project of greatest interest (you MUST pick at least 3)

  • Dr. Tricia Brown: The n-queens problem
  • Dr. Sarah Burroughs: Design and Synthesis of Small Molecule Chalcone and Curcumin Analogs as Anti-Cancer and Anti-Bacterial Therapeutics
  • Dr. Cameron Coates:Recommendations for Hardware Removal in Forearm Long Bone Fracture: A Numerical Approach
  • Dr. Brent Feske: Bio-organic chemistry, using reductases to synthesize drug precursors
  • Dr. Sarah Gray: Development and application of sensors to measure inorganic carbon in the coastal oceans
  • Dr. Sara Gremillion: The localization of COG proteins in fungal cells
  • Dr. Gary Guillet: Trimetallic Complexes Incorporating Metallocenes to Facilitate Multielectron Reactions from First Row Transition Metals
  • Dr. Ray Hashemi: A Neural Network for Mimicking the Associative Memory Function of the Human Brain
  • Drs. Todd Hizer & Catherine MacGowan
  • Dr. Jay Hodgson Using diatoms to reconstruct historical climate records in coastal Georgia
  • Dr. Heather Joesting: Morphological and physiological adaptions to abiotic stress in coastal sand dune species
  • Dr. Melanie Link-Perez
  • Dr. Will E. Lynch: Chemistry, Nanoparticle Destruction of Environmental Pollutants
  • Dr. Scott Mateer: Molecular Biology of reductase enzymes
  • Dr. Traci Ness: Biology, Immune receptors that recognize fungal infections
  • Dr. Clifford Padgett: Oxygen-Iodine Halogen-Bonding Interactions via N-Oxyheterocycles and Organoiodine Compounds