2013-2014 Student Government Association Goals


2013-2014 Overarching Goals

"Keeping Armstrong in Shape!"

Increase Student Retention and Involvement:

● Bridge the gap between SGA and Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs).
● Collaborate with the administration in the creation of a Game Room in the MCC building.
● Start new traditions on campus, e.g., Captain George’s Treasure Chest.
● Haunted Forest.

Increase Academic Success:

● Early term grading.
● SGA Informational board/spot on campus.
● Improve the working conditions of Resident Assistants on campus.
● Increase representation from the different colleges in the senate.

Increase Alumni Outreach:

● Continue the Senior Wish program.
● Reinstitution of homecoming.
● Armstrong Heroes Night.
● Armstrong’s Hall of Heroes in the Student Union.

Increase Transparency:

● Collaborate with Business and Finance regarding the allocation of student fees.
● Change the current food policy.
● Change meal plan options and prices.
● Increase communication with the student body. 

2013-2014 Senate Goals:

Academic Student Success Committee:
Townhall Meeting.
Distribute surveys regarding evaluations.
Meet & Greet the Deans.
Represent Colleges.
Early term grading.

Student Life Committee:
UT & UC washing Machines
Find out why RAs are getting less benefits and more work
Housing rates. (Where is the money going?)
Place more elevators in housing buildings.
The Fair Rates Proposal to help undocumented students.

Business and Finance:
Encourage transparency from Sodexo.
Revise Bookstore rates.
Bike racks outside the Learning Commons, Compass Point office, and Crossings office.
Spray IM fields during intramural games season.

Campus and Community Initiative Committee:
Help freshmen get more involved on campus.
Presidential Meet & Greet.
Paint walls.
Blood drives (Get volunteers).

Elections and Recruitment:
Taste Armstrong Thursdays (provide treats for students while informing them about what's going on at Armstrong.)
Create initiatives to promote student leadership and involvement on campus  (Partner with the Campus and Community Initiatives Committee.)
Revise Elections Code for the spring semester.

Rules Committee:
Revise grammar, ambiguity, and inconsistency in the By-Laws.
Revise Housing Policy.
Set minimum number of senators per committee.


2013-1014 Executive Goals: