How to Join

Recruitment is the lifeline of all campus organizations. While the terminology and methods of recruitment differ, all organizations seek growth in order to maintain their presence on campus.

Pan-Hellenic groups typically seek students who are of sophomore status or higher with a minimum GPA of 2.6. Postings for interest meetings take place before a Pan-Hellenic organization begins the recruitment process. In addition to submission of application, interested student's transcripts are evaluated. The Office of Student Life verifies that any student seeking Greek membership meets the minimum academic requirements. While these are general requirements, each NPHC organization's requirements differ.

Campus Panhellenic (CPH) organizations do not have a class status requirement, however, each group has established academic requirements that must be upheld when recruiting new members. Recruitment is a mutual selection process for joining a fraternity or sorority. Attending recruitment does not obligate you to pledge any organization. Whether or not you decide to join a sorority, recruitment is a great way to meet people and get acquainted with student life.

Fraternities on campus recruit in a combination of ways.  Some chapters recruit early in the Fall and Spring, while others conduct their intake process later in the semester.  Organizations may recruit once a years and others recruit twice a year. the specific process is typically advertised via fliers on campus and word of mouth. You can sign up for Fraternity Recruitment (September 8th - 12th) here.

Another way to join a CPH Sorority is through Continuous Onpen Bidding (COB). COB is the method we use after fall recruitment and during the spring semester. COB is not structured and can be less intimidating. When you make a connection with a CPH member in one of your classes or had originally decided not to participate in Formal Recruitment you can receive a bid during COB.

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Recruitment Information