CUB Constitution

The name of this organization shall be the Armstrong Campus Union Board.

SECTION 2. Purpose
The purpose of this organization is to provide a planned program of Social, Educational, Recreational and Cultural Activities for the University Community.

SECTION 3. Government
The government of the Campus Union Board shall be the responsibility of the Executive Council and/or the entire board. This will include the responsibility for all coordinating and decision making aspects of the Board, including the areas of membership recruitment, leadership training, research, historical continuity, financial accountability, technical assistance, publicity, division chairperson appointment and evaluation.

SECTION 4. Membership
The voting membership of the Campus Union Board shall consist of the Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Student Government Association, two Senators appointed by the SGA Senate Whip with approval of the Senate, and five committee chairmen. SGA Executive Officers and Senators may not serve as committee chairmen unless no other qualified candidates apply. Assistant committee chairs may vote only in the absence of the committee's chair. The President of the SGA will be the chairman of the Campus Union Board and shall vote only in the case of a tie. The non-voting membership of the Campus Union Board shall consist of committee members appointed by committee chairmen with consultation of the Executive Officers.