GSCC Funding Requests

A portion of the student activity fee collected from all graduate students at Armstrong is placed in the budget of the Graduate Student Coordinating Council (GSCC). A part of this fund is available to all currently enrolled Armstrong Graduate Students who wish to apply for professional travel funding. The purpose of the Graduate Student Coordinating Council funding request program is to support graduate students at Armstrong in their travel to promote scholarship and professional expertise.

The GSCC helps to support graduate students through funding them to present papers and posters at conferences, to attend professional conferences, lectures and seminars, which contribute to the development of their program of study. The goals of funding Armstrong graduate students are to promote the success of Armstrong graduate student professional and academic development, increase Armstrong's reputation as an educational institution, and to promote our graduate community at large.

**Please note that the GSCC fund is to be used after all other funding avenues are exhausted.


A prospective candidate for funding must meet the following requirements:

Terms of Award

The GSCC Travel Fund is comparable to any other funding agency. Deadlines and completed information are essential to processing requests. In order to ensure the integrity of the application process, no exceptions will be made.The GSCC will not give advances for any reason. The travel funding process operates through reimbursement only. This is non-negotiable.

This fund is to be used after all other funding avenues are exhausted. The distribution of these funds is voted on and directed by the members of the GSCC.

GSCC does not fund for food, cab fare, taxis, luggage, rental fees, shuttles, or any other miscellaneous items

Funding Application Instructions

Please read through this information carefully to ensure the timely processing of your application. The Graduate Student Coordinating Council funding application and materials are available in the SGA/GSCC office in the Student Union, room D234 or the Office of Student Affairs, Student Union D206. You may also download the Funding Application here.

1. Please complete the Funding Application form. Please note that applications that are not clearly legible, that are missing signatures or applications which are missing any other information will not be reviewed.

2. Provide proof of enrollment by Armstrong State University by printing out a copy of the "Detailed Student Schedule" from SHIP

3. Students must attend a GSCC Funding Meeting to present their funding request and answer questions from the council. No funding will be given to individuals who do not attend their funding meeting. Groups of four or more may designate one or two representatives for the group to attending their funding hearing. For a schedule of GSCC meeting times and dates please click on the Calender link. Plan on ten minutes to present your request and answer questions.

4. Applications are due 60 days prior to the event. Please bring applications to the GSCC office in the Student Union D234 or the Office of Student Affairs, Student Union D206. You will be notified that the GSCC has received your application.

Award Notification

Students will be notified of the council's decision via email within 7 days of the meeting that they presented their funding request. Once notified you have 14 days to formally accept or decline funding via email.

Selection Criteria

Funding request awards are competitive. Each student, therefore, should make every effort to clearly demonstrate the value of the proposed event as it relates to their professional and academic development. The GSCC especially appreciates and gives due weight to thoughtful, focused event overview descriptions. Student descriptions should be understandable to graduate students in any field. Please note that award decisions are also based upon the availability of funds and the number of applications. The GSCC does not typically fund groups or individuals at 100%. The council will determine appropriate funding based on council discretion, but usually fund less than 50% of the total cost.

Funding decisions are based in part on the following criteria (not in any specific order).

The GSCC will fund up to and no more than:


Reimbursement Process

Following award notification please adhere to the GSCC and University reimbursement guidelines in order to ensure reimbursement.

During your trip:

When you return:

1. Make copies of all of your receipts and retain copies for your own records.
2.  Please fill out the Travel Reimbursment form and Travel Request form. Complete the following lines on the two forms form be sure to fill out both the front and back of the form and sign it. Please remember to add your address and social security number.

a. Name
b. Social Security Number (not your 907 number)
c. Title and Title Code (your title, which is student)
d. Headquarters/Residence (address you would like your check mailed to)
e. Institution (Armstrong State University)
f. Date from/to (dates of travel)
g. Location/points visited and lodging cost during travel
h. Mileage section with odometer information (if applicable)
i. Common Carrier (airline, ect. if applicable)
j. Miscellaneous expenses (conference fees)
k. Totals
l. Signed (not approval section, just signed)

3. Be sure to fill out both the front and back of the form and sign it.  Please remember to add your address and social security number.

4. Provide proof of enrollment in at least 6 graduate-level Armstrong credit hours.

5.Students are required to write a 60-100 word reflection of their experience specifically noting knowledge gained, skill sets acquired and general take away points from the event attended. Students must turn the essay in with all other reimbursement paper work, in order for their reimbursement to be processed.

6. Bring your completed forms, the reflection essay and original receipts to the GSCC office in the Student Union D234 or the Office of Student Affairs, Student Union D206. All receipts and documentation must be submitted within 30 days of travel. GSCC Funding Requests will only be granted as reimbursements, with original receipts and proof of attendance when submitted within 30 days of travel. Receipts and proof of attendance will not be accepted after 30 days of last date of travel.

Student reimbursements will be processed by the GSCC and then sent to the Business Office for further processing and payment. If you do not receive reimbursement within 30 days, please email the GSCC at