Rachel Butler, Gordon Wery Deondra Curry, and Christy Coberly, Number Priming on Performance Attainment. Mentor Angie Koban.

Marina Simonet, Heather Hullum, Aaron West, and Marlayna Garvin, Affects of Seating Arrangement on Personal Disclos. Mentor Angie Koban.

Katharine Field, Samantha Cain, Jessica Ferguson, and Jenna Birch, Effect of Positivity on Memory Recall. Mentor Angie Koban.

Renee Louis, Philip Rapillard, Samanatha Galbraith, Annastacia Laing, and Lilianny Stephenson, Does the Presentation of Music Affect Memory? Mentor Angie Koban.

Catherine Gallahue, Juanita Velez, Lindsay Langton, and Kayla Martin, Correlates of Sub-Clinical Narcissism. Mentor Nancy McCarley.

James Parker, Question-Writing as an Active Learning Method. Mentors Nancy McCarley and Joshua Williams.

Christiaan Layer, Dominque Walker, and James Parker, Effects of Note-Taking on Lecture Comprehension. Mentors Joshua Williams and Nancy McCarley.

Quinn Pangborn, Joshua Hill, and Austin Esch, Early Religious Involvement as a Predictor of Sensation Seeking and Feelings of Guilt and Shame. Mentor Vann Scott.

Kaitlyn Patterson and Joshua Hill. Investigating Sex Differences in Gratitude. Mentor Wendy Wolfe.

Olivia Singleton, Kaitlyn Patterson, and Joshua Hill, Better to Give or to Receive? The Role of Dispositional Gratitude. Mentor Wendy Wolfe.

Stephen Cooke, Replication of a Spatial Learning Task Using Java. Mentor Ashraf Saad.


Olivia Singleton, Validation of the Enjoyment of Sexualization Scale (ESS). Mentor Vann Scott.

Katherine Gaskin, Testing Spatial Geometry Learning by Touch. Mentor Jonathan Roberts.