The following students presented at the 2014 Armstrong Student Scholars Symposium:

Katharine Gaskin, Katherine Field, and Hannah Clements, Spatial Geometry Learning: Encoding of Relative Enclosure Size by Touch. Mentor: Jonathan Roberts

Robert Altman, Factors Affecting Student Involvement on Campus and in the Wider Community. Mentors Joshua Williams and Nancy McCarley

Michael Choromanski, April Graves, and Kimberly Wyse, Resurgence in a Peak-interval Procedure. Mentor Mirari Elcoro

Lauren Cobb, Perception & Goal-Directed Reaching in Infants. Mentor Joshua Williams

Katharine Field, Learning in the Painted Lady Butterfly. Mentor Mirari Elcoro

April Graves, An Animal Model of Behavioral Reinstatement. Mentor Mirari Elcoro

Jeremy Haynes, An Analysis of Notes taken During and After a Lecture Presentation. Mentors Nancy McCarley and Joshua Williams

Jeremy Haynes, Samantha Cain, Jenna Birch, and Amanda Laurelli, Study Methods for Learning from Textbooks. Mentors Joshua Williams and Nancy McCarley

Brandon Hillis, Psychology and the Military: An Ethical Dilemma. Mentor Nancy McCarley

James Parker, Kaitlyn Patterson, and Robert Altman, History and Systems as a Capstone Course. Mentor Joshua Williams and Nancy McCarley

Kaitlyn Patterson, Cognitive and Gratitude-Based Interventions for Reducing Body Dissatisfaction. Mentor Wendy Wolfe

Kaitlyn Patterson, Testing Mediation in the Relationship between Body Dissatisfaction and Disordered Eating. Mentor Wendy Wolfe

Congratulations to all student presenters and their mentors!