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Research and Scholarship, Armstrong's Department of Psychology

Research, particularly that which involves students, has always been a hallmark of the department. Each year, faculty and students co-author works that are presented at the following professional conferences: the Southeastern Psychological Association, the Association for Psychological Science, and the Carolinas Undergraduate Psychology Conference. Faculty participation in professional meetings is a measure of productivity in that in order to receive departmental travel funds, their attendance must be accompanied by a presentation (presentations that involve students get priority for funding over those that do not involve student researchers). Furthermore, student presenters are awarded funds from the Department's foundation account toward the costs of travel so as to encourage their attendance and participation.

Dr. Mirari Elcoro
Dr. John Kraft
Dr. Nancy McCarley
Dr. Jonathan Roberts
Dr. Joshua Williams
Dr. Wendy Wolfe
Dr. Jane Wong

Faculty Research Labs

Scott-Wolfe Research Lab