Dr. Elcoro presented a poster and participated in a symposium and in a panel discussion at the 38th Annual Convention of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) in Seattle, WA., May, 2012:

Elcoro, M., & Diller, J. W.  "Area under the curve as a measure of temporal control in peak-interval procedures."  Poster presented at the 38th Annual ABAI Convention.  
Elcoro, M.  "Professional development event: on the pros and cons of completing a post doc." Panel discussion chaired by Shana R. Bailey.  Other panelists invited to this event were: Jeffrey J. Everley (University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg), Steven R. Lawyer (Idaho State University), and John C. Borrero (University of Maryland, Baltimore County).
The following three presentations were part of a symposium chaired by E. Robles, entitled:  "Impulsive choice: genetic, historical, and contextual factors."  The discussant for this symposium was Dr. Amy Odum from Utah State University:
   Elcoro, M., Aparicio, C. F., & Robles, E.  "Acquisition of impulsive choice in Lewis and Fischer 344 Rats: Experience reverses differences between strains."  ABAI Symposium. 
   Aparicio, C. F., Elcoro, M., & Robles, E.  "Transition from ascending to descending delay impairs preference in Fischer 344 but not in Lewis rats."  ABAI Symposium. 

  Robles, E., Aparicio, C. F., & Elcoro, M.  "Subjective value during sequential ranking and binary choice trials."  ABAI Symposium.