Noyce MASTERS | Math and Science Teacher Education Readiness Scholarships

The NSF-funded Noyce Math and Science Teacher Education Readiness Scholarships (MASTERS) program is a collaborative project between the College of Science and Technology, College of Education, and  the Savannah-Chatham Public School System. The project answers the call of the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy’s Office to strengthen K-12 education, retain and graduate more STEM majors and more STEM teachers.

The shortage of math and science teachers in Georgia is critical especially in southeast Georgia. The projected need in southeast Georgia over the next five years is for 88 new middle and 91 new high school science/math teachers. This project is designed to increase the number of highly qualified, Master’s level prepared science and math educators with the training and experience to teach in high-needs districts in Savannah and the surrounding areas of southeast Georgia.

We are currently recruiting and supporting a diverse and exceptional pool of STEM teacher candidates. We are especially targeting African American and Hispanic/Latino STEM students to become teachers since our local student population reflects a high number of minority students.  Students will receive scholarships, course credit, and hands-on integration into local classrooms to see what teaching is really like!

Please see the program requirements to see if you are eligible for this competitive scholarship!  Be sure to apply by May 1, 2015.

Pictured above is our first class of Noyce Scholars for 2013-2014.  There are 10 MAT students and 4 undergraduate students, 10 women and 4 men.  5 students are pursuing Math Education and 9 are pursuing Science Education.  The students are (left to right): Nia Hunter, Melissa Knight, Azea Mustafa, Mark Tanner, Brianna Plachy, Brittany Epps, Frances Pawloski, Jodi Wilson, Adam Parker, Jessica Chaplin, Anthony Ravita, Leslie Anderson, Elizabeth Bartholomew, Tashia Finch.