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Upcoming Hudson Colloquia  
January 19, 2011


Yan Wu, Associate Professor     Department of Mathematical Sciences  at Georgia Southern University


Controllability and Observability of Sylvester Differential Algebraic Equations




Differential Algebraic Equations (DAEs) arise naturally as governing equations for systems in chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering as well as biological and economic models.  Therefore, the analysis of DAEs plays an important role in applied mathematics.  An overview of DAEs is provided in this talk, followed by our latest results on the first-order Sylvester type of differential algebraic systems with input and output structures incorporated in the system.  We first present a closed form representation for the general solution of matrix Sylvester DAEs in terms of the fundamental matrix solutions of one-sided subsystems.  The result is then used to derive a set of necessary and sufficient conditions for the complete controllability and complete observability of the Sylvester systems.  Most background materials will be introduced in the presentation, and this talk is accessible to students.

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