Academic Research

Lorrie Hoffman
  • Nonparametric Methods For Finding Change Points in Two Regime Regressions, collaborative work with S. Clark (SeaWorld, Orlando), G. Knofczynski (AASU Math), A. Rogers (M.S. student, Georgia Southern Math), J. Hudson (Ph.D. student, U. of Oregon Math), H. King (M.S. student, Georgia Southern Math). Research adapts and extends results of R. Quandt, a Princeton economist, to problems in marine biology. (AMSTAT meeting abstract.)

Sabrina Hessinger
  • Differential Galois Theory, in particular Linear Algebraic Groups as Differential Galois Groups
  • Educational Research in Mathematics, in particular the impact of collaborative learning on student attitude and achievement in mathematics in introductory courses
  • K-16 STEM Professional Learning Communities, work supported by NSF grant number DUE 0831774

Sungkon Chang
  • Quadratic twists of elliptic curves with small Selmer rank
  • Elliptic curves of large ranks
  • The equal circle packing problem in a polygon.
  • Invitation to Research

Tricia Brown

  • Recent work "How Deep Is your Playbook?" appears in the book Mathematics and Sports, Editor J.A. Gallian.