Computer Science & Information Technology

Bachelor of Information Technology

The Information Technology Program at Armstrong offers a Bachelor of Information Technology. The expectation is that virtually all of the graduates will immediately enter the profession of Information Technology. The major includes a core of courses designed to accomplish the following primary objectives:

  • Prepare students for IT positions in a wide variety of organizations.
  • Provide a sound foundation in IT together with practical aspects of the discipline.
  • Provide knowledge of selecting, designing, developing, managing, integrating, and deploying computer systems in order to achieve organizational objectives through effective resource utilization.
  • Provide students with fundamental skills in IT to be prepared to adapt to technological changes.

Career Options

IT professionals are involved with many facets of deployment and use of computer systems. Jobs are often centered on effective utilization of organizational resources, including hardware, software, and people. There are an increasing number of positions for computer specialists to train non-computer specialists of a company, as well as troubleshooting roles dealing with a variety of software and hardware. Jobs in data and information services provide many new opportunities for IT specialists. With the continued growth of the Internet, companies are recognizing the value of effective secure storage and retrieval of information.
Computer Science courses generally deal with fundamentals, principles, and theoretical aspects of design, development, and maintenance of computer systems. The focus of IT is on practical aspects of design, deployment, integration, and management of these systems. The two disciplines both overlap and complement one another.


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