Engineering Studies

Along with fulfilling the general core classes, all engineering students take computer programming courses, mathematics courses from Calculus 1 up to and including Differential Equations, two semesters of calculus-based Physics, and one or two semesters of General Chemistry depending upon the discipline.

Details about the recommended courses for the first two years are listed here. Speak to your advisor for additional information.

NOTE: Always make sure you are using the most recent version of the checklist. Always check revision dates to ensure the most accurate information.

Associate of Science AND RETP Transfer Eligibility - 3 year program
(For students starting in MATH 1111 - College Algebra)

Check Sheet, Sample Schedule, and Prerequisite Chart (last revision - 2/11/14)
Civil/Environmental Engineering 
Mechanical Engineering
Computer/Electrical Engineering

Associate of Science Learning Outcomes

RETP Transfers - 2 year program
(For students starting in MATH 1161 - Calculus I)

Check Sheet, Sample Schedule, and Prerequisite Chart (last revision - 2/11/14)
Civil/Environmental Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Computer/Electrical Engineering

Other Engineering Majors
Georgia Tech
Use Oscar and the appropriate 4-year plan for your major to plan a schedule.
Georgia Tech Web Access System (Oscar) - Choose Transfer Equivalencies
Chemical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Environmental Engineering (Environmental students will follow the Civil plan while here, but should be aware of the differences for GT)


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