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Getting into Medical School: What you need to know!

  • What is most important for Medical School Admission?

  • Pre-Medical Advising at Armstrong

    • You can be ANY major and obtain admission to medical school.  The pre-medical curriculum is the same, regardless of major.  At Armstrong, the courses below will fit in your Core Area A (Math and English), Core Area D (sciences and statistics, depending on major), Core Area E (psychology and sociology) and your major program.  The general requirements are (based on the content of the  MCAT 2015):
      • 1 year of biology
      • 1 year of general chemistry
      • 1 year of organic chemistry
      • 1 year of physics
      • 1 year of English
      • 1 year of mathematics (usually schools require calculus and/or statistics)
      • 1 semester of Biochemistry* and/or 1 semester of cell/molecular biology
      • 1 semester of general psychology* and 1 semester of physiological psychology*
      • 1 semester of general sociology*
      • 1 semester of a course in research methods, statistics and/or participation in a research project*
      • Foreign language, especially Spanish as well as anatomy and physiology
      • Prior to 2015, items with an asterisk (*) are only recommended, but may be required by some schools.  Beginning in 2015, information from these courses will appear on the MCAT exam
    • Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Physics are very common majors for Pre-medical students.
  • The  MCAT

    • Current MCAT (for admission now through Fall 2015)
    • NEW MCAT (testing in 2015 for Fall 2016 Admission)
      • Covers biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics and first-semester biochemistry, introductory psychology and sociology, Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills
  • Committee Letters of Recommendation:

    • Some schools request letters from individual faculty members and/or physicians you have shadowed.  Be sure to ask the recommender before submitting his/her name to AMCAS
    • Some schools may prefer a letter written by the Pre-medical advising committee.  MOST Supplemental Letters are COMMITTEE letters.  Instructions on obtaining a Committee Letter are available here. 
  • The Armstrong Pre-Medical Student Association--Connect with other Pre-Med students

  • The Dr. Henry and Ann Brandt Family Scholarship for 2014-2015 pdf: Juniors and Seniors planning to attend medical school

    • Must be a GA or SC resident
    • Must have at least a 3.0 GPA
    • Financial need is considered
    • Application Due May 1, 2014