Majors & Programs

Undergraduate Degrees

Applied Physics
Biology (Marine Biology, General Biology, and Molecular Biology)
Chemistry (BA, BS and Certified BS)
Computer Science
Information Technology
Mathematics (BS and BS with Teacher Certification)
Psychology (BA and BS)
Biochemistry (BS - New Fall 2014)

Associate Degrees

Associate of Science (AS)  - Engineering Studies

Pre-Professional Pathways (taken in addition to a CST major listed above)

Pre-Anesthesia Assistant
Pre-Physician Assistant
Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Undergraduate Certificates

Information Technology

Actuarial Sciences


In addition to minors in each of the majors listed above, we also have interdisciplinary minors in:
Environmental Studies

Graduate Degrees

Computer Science (re-launched program beginning Fall 2013)

Post-baccalaureate Certificates

Applied Behavior Analysis

Clinical Informatics

Cyber security (online, with Criminal Justice)

Scientific Computing