Chemistry & Physics

Two Armstrong Chemistry Majors are Selected for International Student Summit

Stephanie Canonico-May and Jared Wagenaar (undergraduate chemistry majors) we selected from nominees across the country to attend the ACS International-Domestic Student Summit (IDSS2012) in Raleigh North Carolina during the week of November 12.  The Summit is designed to bring international and U.S. students together as a team to discuss issues related to international students studying in the United States.  Jared is a native of South Africa whereas Stephanie is a citizen of the U.S. 

The Summit is sponsored and supported by the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world’s largest scientific organization with over 160,000 members and the students were nominated by the Coastal Georgia Local Section of the ACS.  At the Summit, the students will discuss how to promote cross-cultural understanding, increase international skill flow and collaboration, and more effectively utilize the unique resource that the 700,000 international students studying in the US provide. They will also suggest mechanisms and models to allow individual institutions, local sections, professional societies, and governments to better incorporate and involve this important community.