Chemistry & Physics

Ms. Donna Mullenax receives funding to improve middle school science in Georgia.
Ms. Donna Mullenax, physics, has been awarded $43,719 from the Improving Teacher Quality Grants Program to carry out the Georgia Rocks and Minerals (GRAM) Workshop in the summer of 2012.  GRAM is designed to give third, fifth and sixth grade teachers an opportunity to study a variety of Georgia rock and minerals in their native state and to learn how to identify rocks and minerals.  Participants travel throughout the state of Georgia visiting sites such as Arabia Mountain, Stone Mountain, Cloudland Canyon and others to study and collect samples.  After a day in the field, the participants will use the evenings to build ideas, discuss teaching strategies, develop lessons and present activities.  The workshop runs from July 8 – July 13 and for more information, contact Professor Mullenax in the Department of Chemistry and Physics.