Chemistry & Physics

Dr. Wallace Presents Research at the 243rdAnnual Meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Diego California.
Dr. Richard Wallace (chemistry) attended the 243rd National Meeting of the ACS in San Diego from March 25-29, 2012 which attracted 16,921 chemists.  His presentation was titled,  Synergistic relationship between academics and a scientific museum: Chemistry meets history”.
The paper outlined his collaborative work with the Edison and Ford Winter Estates.  Recently, the Edison and Ford Estates has carried out a significant restoration on the research laboratory used by these eminent American industrialists to find an alternative source of rubber to support American interests. In early 2010, Dr. Wallace began working with Edison and Ford Winter Estates in an effort to provide an organic chemist's perspective and interpretation to the items located in Edison's research laboratory and to assist in the presentation of
Edison's rubber research to the general public.