Chemistry & Physics

Dr. Sarah Burroughs joins the chemistry program at Armstrong as assistant professor of chemistry

Dr. Sarah Burroughs has joined the Department of Chemistry and Physics as a new tenure-track assistant professor of organic chemistry.  Dr. Bourroughs recieved a B.S. in chemistry from Auburn University. Her Ph.D. in organic chemistry is from Georgia State University and her dissertation was titled: "Design and Synthesis of the HIF Inhibitors as Anti-cancer Therapeutics" under the direction of Dr. Binghe Wang.  During her graduate work, Dr. Burroughs recieved the Alfons L. Baumstark Fellowship for excellence in college teaching as well as the graduate teaching award for organic chemistry instruction.  Dr. Burroughs will support instruction in the organic chemistry curriculum as well as conducting undergraduate research in the area of a) medicinal chemistry - synthesizing small libraries of compounds based on natural products and testing their medicinal properties, b) organic chemistry - developing new synthetic methods and optimizing reaction conditions and c) computational chemistry - modeling how small molecules interact with their biological targets and determining structure-activity relationships of small molecules.