Chemistry & Physics

Dr. Delana Nivens (chemistry) has been promoted to Professor of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry and Physics is pleased to announce that Dr. Delana Nivens (chemistry) has been promoted to Professor of Chemistry.  Dr. Nivens is in her 12th year at Armstrong and has recently been appointed as Assistant Dean of the College of Science and Technology.  Dr. Nivens is known for her excellence in the classroom as well as scholarly activities that impact undergraduate students.  During her tenure at Armstrong, Delana has eclipsed the $3,000,000 mark in external funding, every dollar of which is directed at Armstrong students.  She is a PI or Co-PI on 6 NSF grants from the following programs, NUE (Nanotechnology in Undergraduate Education); CCLI (Course Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement Grant;STEP (Science and Technology Expansion Program); MRI(Major Research Instrumentation); CCLI Phase I (Course Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement -Phase 1: Exploratory); and NOYCE (The Robert Noyce Scholarship Program).  Since 2003, Dr. Nivens has also published 8 peer-reviewed manuscripts which include undergraduate co-authors.  She has also serviced on the American Chemical Society’s Exam Writing Committee for Analytical Chemistry.