Chemistry & Physics

Dr. Brent Feske (chemistry) and Dr. Scott Mateer (biology) publish a novel lab experiment for undergraduates.
Drs. Feske (chemistry) and Mateer (biology) along with undergraduate students Mande Beers and Crystal Archer have published an interdisciplinary laboratory experiment for molecular biology students.  The paper titled, “Using Biocatalysis to Integrate Organic Chemistry into a Molecular Biology Laboratory Course was published in the journal Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, 2012, Volume 40, pp 130-137.  The article outlines the need for interdisciplinary cutting edge experiences for today’s science majors to support student understanding of current trends in science. This paper uses biocatalysis, a field at the crossroads of organic chemistry, biochemistry microbiology and molecular biology to provide students with an unique experiment to explore science.  Specifically, the inquiry based modules uses mutagenesis of a yeast reductase to study the bioorganic synthesis of the taxol side-chain.