Chemistry & Physics

Chemistry and Physics Majors Present 20 Papers at the 2013 Armstrong Student Scholars Symposium

Armstrong held its 2013 Student Scholars Symposium on April 24, 2013.  10 oral and 10 poster presentations were given at the symposium by student majoring in applied physics and chemistry. 

The oral presentations were:

  • Jamal Wynn, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Investigations of Cobalt Outer Sphere Complexes.
    Mentor William Lynch: Chemistry
  • Mark Tanner, Environmental Effects on Cerium Dioxide.
    Mentor Will Lynch: Chemistry
  • Michael Lerque, Using the Wii Remote to Analyze Springs.
    Mentor Donna Mullenax, Physics
  • Stephanie Canonico-May, Increased Conversion Efficiency of HAuCl4 into Gold Nanorods via a
    Re-seeding Approach.
    Mentor John Stone: Chemistry
  • Melinda Dang, Porphyrin Coated Rods as Cancer Therapeutics.
    Mentor John Stone: Chemistry
  • Issac D'Agostino and Cameron Braun, Probing String Theory in the Undergraduate Laboratory.
    Mentor Jeffery Secrest: Physics
  • Julie Finnell, Membrane Pore Formation of Human Perforin: Characterization of the
    Transmembrane β-hairpin (TMH) Region.
    Mentor Mitch Weiland: Chemistry
  • Pranav Godbole, Boundary Detection of Skin Cancers.
    Mentor William Baird: Physics
  • Kyron Longwood, The Effects of Solar Flares on GPS Signals.
    Mentor William Baird: Physics

The poster presentations were: 

  • Eric Branch, Chiral Lactones.
    Mentor Brent Feske: Chemistry
  • Nathan Peek, Synthesis and X-ray Structure Determination of Transition Metal Complexes
    Using Tripodal Imidazole Ligands.
    Mentor William Lynch: Chemistry
  • Mrinali Sharma and Jaleesa Mcqueen, A Base-promoted Alcohol Dehydration Ru(II) Catalyst:
    Reaction and Scope.
    Mentor Brandon Quillian: Chemistry
  • Shyamkumar Sreekumar, Coding in Objective-C to Generate Chemistry Applications.
    Mentor Clifford Padgett: Chemistry
  • Matthew Trivitayakhun, Examination of 4-(aminomethyl)phenyl)methanol (APM) as a Photoliable Linker.
    Mentor Brandon Quillian: Chemistry
  • Blair Weaver, Asymmetric Synthesis of Chiral Lactones.
    Mentor Brent Feske: Chemistry
  • Morgan Connor, Metal Ion Uptake by Polyacrylate Hydrogels.
    Mentor Catherine MacGowan: Chemistry
  • Stephen Kennedy, Synthetic Efforts toward New Bis(pyrazolyl)alkane Ligands.
    Mentor Brandon Quillian: Chemistry
  • Y. Tram Nguyen and Benjamin Oliver, YDL124w: Expression, Purification, Crystallization.
    Mentor Mitch Weiland: Chemistry
  • Ryan Olliff, Using Biocatalysis to Produce Chiral, Biologically Active Lactones.
    Mentor Brent Feske: Chemistry