Military Science

Faculty & Staff

CPT Williams
Assistant Professor of Military Science
Zelene Tremble
CPT Schwendemann
MS1 and MS2 Instructor
SFC Kenneth Swan
Coastal Battalion Recruiter
SFC Crow
MS3 Instructor
Mr. Delgado
Human Resources

Cadet Leadership


C/LTC Bridier
Battalion Commander
C/MAJ Allison
Battalion Executive Officer
C/CSM Hugenberger

C/CPT Rawlinson
Battalion Adjutant Officer
C/1LT Britton
Battalion Intelligence Officer
C/MAJ Cardon
Battalion Operations
and Training Officer

C/1LT Harrell
Battalion Supply Officer

C/CPT Rawlinson
Battalion Civil Affairs Officer

C/1LT Appia
Communications Officer

C/SGM Dollar
Battalion Operations 
Sergeant Major