Languages, Literature, & Philosophy

Dr. Tony Morris

Associate Professor of English
Gamble Hall 204

Ph.D., Florida State University
M.A., University of North Carolina, Charlotte
B.A., University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Teaching Interests
Journalism, Creative Writing, Literature

Greatest Hits. 2012. Pudding House Press.
Back to Cain.  2005. Olive Press.
Fugue’s End.  2004.  Birch Brook Press. (Mary Belle Campbell Poetry Book Award).

Cossack Review                                               “Ford Skyliner Slam”
(spring, 2014

Anthology: What Matters?                                “Night Time Closes In”
(spring (2014)

Gris-Gris                                                              “A Small Space”
(fall, 2013)

Georgia Anthology                                            “Blue Iris”
(spring, 2012)                                                    “Rooster”

Iron Horse Review                                            “Lean It Out”
(spring, 2011)

Connecticut Review                                         “The Move”
(spring 2011)

Waccamaw Review                                          “Mumbling Over Rosary Beads”
(spring, 2010)

Green Mountains Review                                “Radar”
(summer, 2009)

Connecticut Review                                         “Pulling at a Thread”
(spring, 2008)                                                   “April Snow”
                                                                             “Tin Box”

Cairn Review                                                    “Feeding”,“Ridge”,“Skiff”
(summer, 2005)

CrossRoads                                                      “Old School, 1939”
(spring, 2005)

Meridian                                                             “Sometimes Shadows”
(fall, 2004)

River Styx Review                                            “Mercy”
(fall, 2004)

Sewanee Theological Review                       “The Cabin Poems”
(spring, 2004)

Nimrod International Journal                         “Fugue’s End”
(spring, 2004)                                                “Dusted Wings”
(spring, 2004)                                                   “Uncle Conley Ray”

“Romance of Childhood: Two Poets in the Lyric Mode.” Mississippi Quarterly, Fall 2007.
“A Poison Flower in Mexico: Lucinda Grey’s Martín Flores and the House Of Dreams.”  The Main Street Rag. April, 2004.

“Apocalypse and Redemption: The Life and Works of Robert Penn Warren and Robert Lowell.” South Carolina Review, Spring 2007.