Languages, Literature, & Philosophy

Study Abroad Programs

The LLP department offers study abroad programs for selected English language and literature studies and Spanish and French classes. The Philosophy division supports an annual trip to the Greek islands. Students may earn course credit for the courses they take while abroad. The prices of the programs vary. Financial aid resources are available for students who qualify.

Visit the Armstrong Study Abroad website or the following student resources websites:

For more information contact the following faculty members:

English and Communications
Dr.Beth Howells
Interim LLP Department Head and Professor of English
Gamble Hall 101

Spanish Program
Dr. William Deaver
Professor of Spanish
Gamble Hall 234

French Program
Dr. Dorothee Mertz-Weigel
Associate Professor of French
Gamble Hall 131

Dr. Erik Nordenhaug
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Gamble Hall 134

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