Liberal Studies

Bachelor of Liberal Studies

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) is a multi-disciplinary program that emphasizes breadth of learning in the arts and sciences. Working closely with an advisor, the student prepares an individual program of study.

Who majors in the BLS?

  • Mature students who already possess significant work experience and who are seeking a bachelor's degree to advance themselves both personally and professionally
  • Mature students with a range of academic interests who intend to pursue graduate work in fields that encourage multi-disciplinary undergraduate study
  • Undergraduate students interested in creating a course of study tailored to their particular interests

Program requirements pdf

  • General Requirements (Core Areas A, B, C, D, and E)
  • 18 hours in Area F (COMM 2280 is a required course)
  • 18 hours of liberal studies courses (one or two from each of four defined fields)
  • 15 credit hours at the 3000 level or above with a grade no lower than a C for the area of concentration. 
     All 15 credit hours must be from the same Armstrong major, minor or program of study
  • 24-27 hours of electives
  • 3 hours of Physical Education courses

Other Program Requirements

  • Minimum of 39 hours at 3000 level or above
  • Maximum of 27 hours in any discipline (excluding courses taken under General Requirements)
  • No more than two Ds in the Liberal Studies section
  • At least 9 of the 18 hours in the Liberal Studies section must be completed at Armstrong.