Dr. Michael Toma is an economist specializing in urban and regional economic analysis. He joined Armstrong State University in 1997 after having previously worked at two regional planning commissions in Virginia. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

In 2000, he was appointed as the director of Armstrong's Center for Regional Analysis. He has authored or co-authored over twenty-five manuscripts on regional economic activity and has been awarded grant funds totaling over $725,000. His applied research includes studies of regional economic conditions and forecasting, market and tourism studies, economic impact analysis, and survey-based research on consumer satisfaction, expenditure patterns, and attitudes toward to tobacco use and use prevention. Savannah's Business Report and Journal named him as one of "40 under 40" notable Savannahians for 2003. The following year, Georgia Trend magazine selected him as one of Georgia's best and brightest Georgians under 40.

Dr. Toma's academic research interests are regional economics, monetary and macroeconomics, and public choice. He has published articles in the Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy, Public Choice, Atlantic Economic Journal, Journal of Economics and Finance, International Review of Economics and Business, Coastal Business Journal, New York Economic Review, and the Journal of Economics and Finance Education. He serves on the editorial board of the Southern Business Review and is an active member of the Academy of Economics and Finance.

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Research Assistants:

2014-2015 Katherine Sikorsky
  Michelle Burghardt
  David Hoover
2013-2014 Maria Isabella Olmos
  David Hoover
2012-2013 Rebecca Sapp
  Jeff Bush
2011-2012 Nicholas Byrd
  Leia Pittman
2010-2011 Jennifer Slate
2009-2010 Kathryn Smith
  Claudia Dickmann
2008-2009 Karin Edenfield
  Kathryn Smith
2007-2008 Alexis Brewer
2006-2007 Holly Meads
2005-2006 Jeri Bice
2004-2005 Tatyana V. Zelenskaya
2003-2004 Robert Griffin
  Jennifer Hoag
2002-2003 Erin Melius
  Stephanie J. Nettis
2001-2002 Joseph J. Hodges
  Tory Sottile
2000-2001 Matthew Maxey
  Tory Sottile
  Blaise Tribolet
1999-2000 Amber Clemons
  George Foley
  Lisa Holliday
1998-1999 Amber Clemons
  Jeremy Hill
  Jean Kegu
  Sam Wolling