Bachelor of Science in Business Economics

Business Economics is a specialized area of economics that uses economic analysis to make strategic business and management decisions. Armstrong’s Business Economics degree emphasizes workforce development firmly informed by a liberal arts education and provides an opportunity for students to gain practical business skills and develop complex practical reasoning. This degree prepares graduates for a knowledge-based economy that relies on creativity and critical thinking while providing the quantitative skills essential for the analysis of business problems.

This degree will:
  • Develop strong communication skills necessary for today’s business world
  • Sharpen specialized skills in both a business and an area of your choice, making any career goal attainable
  • Create a customized skill set that is both desired and unique in the workforce

Program of Study

A. General Requirements - 64 hours

  • Core Areas A, B, C, D.II.a, E and F - 60 hours
    *Elementary Statistics required in area D.3
  • Physical Education - 3 hours
  • First-Year Seminar- 1 hour

B. Courses Related to Major - 30 hours

C. Additional Requirements - 30 hours

  • Students will strengthen their communication skills through writing and oral communication courses
  • Ethics courses will develop the skills needed to navigate today’s work environment
  • A chosen minor will give students specialized skills making them marketable in the career field of their choice
  • A senior capstone experience will allow students to combine their business economics knowledge with the specialized training in their chosen minor

Total Semester Hours - 124 hours

Why does this program require a minor?

Requiring students to pursue a minor allows them to apply their business skills to a specific field of interest. For instance, a student with a major in Business Economics and a minor in Theater will be better prepared to oversee theater operations as compared to a student of business without a minor. Other minors, such as in Health Science prepares students for management positions in a wide variety of non-profit or other organizations by providing meaningful contextual background and disciplinary knowledge.


Program of Study pdf

Suggested Course Plan excel spreadsheet