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Graduate Certificate in Professional Communication and Leadership

Graduate Certificate in Professional Communication and Leadership

Armstrong State University’s Graduate Certificate in Professional Communication and Leadership has been developed to prepare working professionals and mature college graduates for workplace communication, critical thinking, and leadership. The Professional Communication and Leadership Certificate is a 15-credit hour certificate program that awards graduate-level academic credit.  The program is directed toward both traditional and non-traditional students who are either already in the work force or who are making the transition from an undergraduate degree to a professional setting.

At the core of the program are four courses that focus on writing and management: Professional Communication Strategies, Technical Editing, Organizational Communication in Diverse Contexts, and Leadership in the Public Arena. In addition, students choose one more specialized course in information design, psychology, leadership, communication, or ethics.  The curriculum is designed to sharpen verbal and written communication abilities in its students and to teach best practices for organizational leadership.

The Graduate Certificate in Professional Communication and leadership is designed for three types of students:

  • Working professionals who need or desire more training in workplace communication and leadership.
  • Recent graduates who want to enhance their education by expanding their communication and leadership talents, while also obtaining specialized, practical skills.
  • Those interested in graduate training in communication and leadership.

Program Highlights

  • Many of the courses will be available in a blended or online format, making the program more accessible for traditional and non-traditional students alike.
  • The interdisciplinary nature is broad enough to apply to a variety of workplace settings, including the health care professions.
  • By taking two courses per semester during the school year, and one course during the summer, the program can be completed in one year.

Career Opportunities

Graduates go on to find careers in communication and leadership positions in a variety of workplace settings, including management, human resources, nonprofit organizations, marketing, public relations, publication design, health care administration, and recruitment. Many of our students are already in the workforce and seek the certificate to gain a promotion.

Some go on to earn doctorate degrees in specialized fields such as law and education.

Program Details