Criminal Justice, Social & Political Science


Leadership in Public Service: 

The Department of Criminal Justice, Social and Political Science offers Bachelor and Master of Science degree programs in criminal justice, a Bachelor of Arts degree program in political science, and a Bachelor of Arts degree program in law and society. Internships and practical experience, designed to foster leadership skills within public service, are available in all programs. The department endorses the ideal of liberal education and views it as an enlargement of education in related professional areas. As such, all departmental programs and courses are conceptually based so that students will develop the theoretical sophistication to understand and manage the practical realities of the field. Instructional effectiveness, public service, and scholarly activity are inseparable components of this curricular integrity. The department encourages original research by both faculty and students, and supports community service through such vehicles as the university's Public Service Center.

Alternative Location

The Criminal Justice B.S. program is also offered at the Liberty Center in Liberty County.

Progress Requirements

All department majors must earn a C or better in all courses required in the program, including courses used to complete Area F in the core and Related Field Courses. All majors are required to take an exit examination (the Major Field Test for their respective field) prior to graduation. All courses in the minor also require a C or better.

Graduate Program
Undergraduate Programs