Criminal Justice, Social & Political Science

Program of Study

Cyber Affairs & Security Certificate

Content Courses - (9 hours)
Minimum Grade of B required for each course

Choose three out of the five following courses:

ITEC/CRJU 5001G Cyber Security I 

This course explores the current standards of information assurance and security. Students will examine security models, risk assessment, threat analysis, security implementation, disaster recovery planning, and security policy formulation and implementation. (Fall- 3 semester hours)

ITEC/CRJU 5002G Cyber Security II

This course examines the concepts of countermeasures and safeguards used in cyber security, including remote access controls, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, virtual private networks, and data encryption. (Spring)

CRJU 7862 Special Topics in Cyber Security & Criminal Investigations

This course examines contemporary issues in cyber security policy and the use of investigational technology. Topics change depending on national and international issues in cyber crime. (Fall)

CRJU 7864 Rules of Evidence /Legal Aspects of Cyber Security

This course examines cyber security policies that include the Patriot Act, Foreign Intelligence Act (FISA), Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act (CALEA and wire intercept), Privacy Protection Act, (PPA) and the Electronic Communications Act (ECPA), as these policies and others direct and impact cyber security. (Spring)

CRJU 7865 First Responder Tools and Application

This course examines basic computer forensic tools and applications that include: seizure, imaging and analysis of computer media with reference to computer hard drive and forms storage. (Summer)

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