Q. What is Treasure Savannah?
A. Treasure Savannah is an Armstrong day of service that celebrates Armstrong’s long and rich history in Savannah.
Q. When did Treasure Savannah begin?
A. Treasure Savannah began in 2010 as part of Armstrong’s 75th Anniversary Celebration and Armstrong's 7th President, Dr. Linda Bleicken’s Inauguration.  The event was such a success, it has turned into an biannual event.
Q. When is Treasure Savannah held?
A. Treasure Savannah is held each fall and spring.  The fall event typically is the Saturday following Celebrate Armstrong Day and the spring event is held in late February or early March.
Q. Who can participate in Treasure Savannah?
A.  Participation in Treasure Savannah is open to Armstrong students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
Q. How do I register for Treasure Savannah?
Registration for Treasure Savannah takes places on this website.  Click on the “register” button on the left side of this page.
Q. How much does it cost to participate?
A.  Participation in Treasure Savannah is free.
Q. Can the children of students, faculty, staff or alumni participate?
A. Due to safety concerns, children are not allowed to participate.
Q. Am I required to ride on the transportation provided from the Armstrong campus to my project site?
A. Participants are not required to ride on the transportation provided, but it is strongly encouraged.  Parking at many of the locations is limited and riding together from the campus also promotes camaraderie amongst participants.
Q. Do I need to pre-register or can I show up on the day of the event?
A. All participants need to pre-register.  Certain projects will fill up faster than others.  By signing up early you have a better chance of getting the project you are interested in.
Q.  What happens if I do not register and walk-up to register on the day of the event?
A. Those who do not register and show up at check-in to register on the day of the event will be a standby participant.  Once check-in has closed and the groups are getting ready to depart, if there is space available we will add you to a project.
Q. Can student organizations register as a group?
A. If your student organization is interested in registering as a group for the same project contact Kate Steiner at Kate.Steiner@armstrong.edu