Armstrong Atlantic State University Savannah Georgia.


Who can join the MOVE program?

Although the MOVE program is targeted towards African-American males, all students are welcome. Each student interested in the program will be allowed to fully take part and have access to program benefits.

What does it cost?

The program is free of cost for all participating students.

Do you take attendance at study hall and other program events?

Yes. All students must attend program events unless excused by a Graduate Assistant. Those with poor attendance will be scheduled for an appointment with a program administrator.

I am a parent. How do I get my son involved in the program?

Parents are encouraged to visit our parent resource page. Additionally parents are encouraged to contact our office to learn more about the program and how to encourage their child’s involvement.

I am not African American. Can I still join?

Yes. The Men of Vision and Excellence program is open to all freshman students. Although much programming is geared for our target audience, we still strive to provide services that all students can benefit from. Please do not hesitate to drop by; we would love to have you.

Do you provide tutoring services?

Yes. Our Mentors and GA’s are capable of providing tutoring services, campus services are also available in the event that we cannot provide tutoring for a certain subject.

I am not a freshman. Can I still take part?

The Men of Vision and Excellence program and services have been created for the benefit of freshman students, however many of our campus events are available and advertised to entire Armstrong student body.  Check our calendar for an event that might interest you.

How often do you hold events?

Typically the MOVE program conducts workshops, seminars, and other programming on a monthly basis. There is at least one event a month, with most months having two or more.  Our event calendar spans from August-November and January-April.