Armstrong Atlantic State University Savannah Georgia.

About MOVE

Men Of Vision and Excellence (M.O.V.E.) is a multifaceted support program for African-American males entering Armstrong as first year, full-time, college freshman. The goal of M.O.V.E. is to enhance retention, progression, and graduation by creating a culture of academic support and success. M.O.V.E. is part of the University System of Georgia's African-American Male Initiative.

Why is it needed?

African-American Men at Armstrong (Fall 2012 Statistics)
  • Average first semester GPA: 2.2
  • Average First Year GPA: 2.1
  • Six year graduation rate: 17%

Two-Pronged Approach


The academic component will provide students with the resources, skills, and facilities to excel academically.
  • Academic Workshops
  • Access to tutors
  • Study hall hours


The social component will provide students with opportunities to take part in a variety of social activities.
  • Empowerment Sessions
  • Social Outings
  • Athletic events
  • Academic/ Social Conferences
  • Networking/ out-of-the-classroom support

Student Requirements

  • Study hall hours will be available Monday-Thursday. Students are to attend regularly.
  • Students will attend weekly meetings with their peer mentors.
  • These meetings will keep the Mentors current with their student and also provide the student with an opportunity to seek any additional help, request resources or just to vent.
  • Students will attend workshops, empowerment sessions, social outings and other related activities.