Radiologic Sciences


Core Requirements

Area A — Essential Skills 9 Hours
ENGL 1101 Composition and Rhetoric
ENGL 1102 or 1102H Composition and Literature
MATH 1111 College Algebra

Area B — Institutional Options 4-5 Hours
1.         Ethics & Values
            One course selected from:
            CHEM 2600           Ethical/Moral Issues in the Sciences
            CRJU 2020            Ethical Theories/Moral Issues in CJ
            ENGL 2000            Ethics and Values in Literature
            ETHC 2000            Interdisciplinary Ethics
            GWST 2101           Ethics, Values & the Exp. of Women
            HIST 2000              Ethics and Values in History
            HONS 2100            Honors Topic in Ethics and Values
            PHIL 2030              Intro to Ethics & Moral Philosophy
            POLS 1200            Ethical Theories in Government
2.         Global Perspectives
            One course selected from:
            ANTH 1150            Global Perspectives in Anthropology
            CHEM 2200           Science, Technology/Modern World
            CRJU 2010            Universel Justice
            ECON 1150           Global Economic Problems
            ENGL 2050            Africa and the Diaspora
            EURO 2000           Introduction to the European Union
            GEOG 1100           World Regional Geography
            GEOG 2120           Cultural Geography
            GWST 2200           Gender in Global Contexts
            HIST 1111              Civilization I
            HIST 1112              Civilization II
            HIST 2100             The African Diaspora
            HLPR 2010            Culture, Illness, Diag & Treatment
            HONS 2000           Honors Topics Global Perspectives
            POLS 1150            World Politics
            POLS 2290           Foundations of Int’l Relations
            PSYC 2300           Global Persp. in Developmental Psy.
            RELI 2100             World Religions
            Foreign Language Level 1002
Area C – Humanities and Fine Arts – 6 Hours
1.         Literature or Philosophy
            One course selected from:
            ENGL 2100           Literature and Humanities
            PHIL 2010             Introduction to Philosophy
            PHIL 2030             Intro Ethics and Moral Philosophy
            Foreign Language Level 2001 and 2002
2.         Art, Music, or Theater
            One course selected from:
            ARTS 1100             Art Appreciation
            ARTS/MUSC 1270 World of Art and Music
            ARTS 2710             Art History I
            ARTS 2720             Art History II
            MUSC 1100            Music Appreciation
            THEA 1100             Theatre Appreciation
            THEA 1200             Introduction to Theatre
            THEA 2410             Oral Interpretation
*Area D – Science, Math & Technology – 11 Hours
 MATH 2200                        Elementary Statistics
One laboratory science sequence (with labs) from:
* Nuclear Medicine needs Chemistry
BIOL 1107/1108                  Bio I/Bio II
CHEM 1151/1152               Survey of Chem. I/II
CHEM 1211/1212               Prin. of Chem. I/II
PHYS 1111K/1112K            Intro Physics I/II
PHYS 2211/2212                Prin. of Physics I/II
Area E – Social Sciences – 12 Hours
1.         American & Georgia History & Constitution
            HIST/POLS 1100    Pol. History of America & GA
2.         World Civilization
            One course selected from:
            HIST 1111               Civilization I
            HIST 1112               Civilization II
3.         Social Sciences
            One course selected from:
            ANTH 1102             Intro to Anthropology
            ECON 1101            Intro to Economics
            ECON 2105            Prin. of Macroeconomics
            ECON 2106            Prin. of Microeconomics
            PSYC 1101             General Psychology
            SOCI 1101             Introductory Sociology
4.         History or Social Sciences
            One course selected from:
            AFAS 2000             Intro to African Studies
            ANTH 1102             Intro to Anthropology
            ECON 2105            Prin. of Macroeconomics
            ECON 2106            Prin. of Microeconomics
            GEOG 2120           Cultural Geography
            GWST 1101           Intro to Women's Studies
            HIST 1111              Civilization I
            HIST 1112              Civilization II
            HIST 2111              Hist. of America to 1877
            HIST 2112              Hist. of Am since 1865
            POLS 2100            Intro to Political Science
            PSYC 1101            General Psychology
            SOCI 1101             Introductory Sociology
Area F – Courses appropriate to major – 18 Hours
BIOL 2081            Human Anat. & Phys. I
BIOL 2082            Human Anat. & Phys. II
HLPR 2000           Intro to Research in Health Prof.
**Chose one from:
PHYS 1111K         Intro to Physics I with Lab
PHSC 1211 &       Physical Enviro. with Lab 1211L           

Guided Electives – 4 Hours
RADS 2000 or Med. Terminology, and Speech, Computer,
Math or Science Course           
(PreCal needed for Radiation Therapy)
(COMM 2280 - Speech Communication or equivalent in major for Sonography. Another elective will need to be chosen.)
Physical Education – 3 Hours
PEBC 2001            Concepts of Personal Health & Fitness
OR PEBC 2000     Concepts of Fitness and one activity course
OR PEEC 2000     and two activity courses
OR three activity courses

If you are interested in sequence and courses for a specific track, please utilize the links below.
Cardiovascular/Interventional Science Courses
Nuclear Medicine Courses
Radiation Therapy Courses
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