Radiologic Sciences


Advisement & Registration

All students wishing to declare Radiologic Sciences as their major must be in good academic standing with the university and have a minimum GPA of 2.0.

All faculty in the Department of Radiologic Sciences participate in student advisement. While not required, students are encouraged to seek advisement with faculty in the track to which they are seeking admission.  The week prior to the formal advisement and registration period published by the university, appointment sign up sheets will be posted in the department for each faculty member.  Students are encouraged to either stop by and sign up or contact the individual faculty member separately for an appointment. Advisement outside the general campus advisement and registration times is by appointment only.

Students are encouraged to begin taking related core courses (specifically the sciences) as soon as possible in order to be competitive for entry into the programs. All students who enter the baccalaureate degree program in Radiologic Sciences must complete a required amount of core courses prior to admission. Thus, it is imperative to begin working with an advisor as soon as possible.

Core Requirements
Cardiovascular/Interventional Science Courses
Nuclear Medicine Courses
Radiation Therapy Courses
Radiography Courses
Sonography Courses