Medical Laboratory Science

Additional Requirements

Please familiarize yourself with all of our requirements for admission.

Health Insurance

All students accepted into the program are required to submit complete health history forms, evidence of health insurance, and evidence of liability insurance prior to participation in clinical experiences. It is mandatory for students to maintain health insurance while enrolled in the program. Find out more about how to sign up for the health insurance plan for college students or to apply to waive the insurance if you are already covered by an insurance policy (i.e. through parent plans, family plans or employer-sponsored plans).

Criminal Background Checks

Clinical agencies utilized by the Department may require criminal background checks and/or drug testing prior to acceptance of the student into clinical facilities. Students who do not pass the criminal background check and/or drug test may be unable to attend clinical courses and therefore may be unable to complete their program of study. Any fees or cost associated with background checks and/or drug testing are the responsibility of the student.

International Applicants

International Applicants must meet the requirements for admission to Armstrong Atlantic State University as outlined in the Armstrong College Catalog and the NAACLS Requirements, if applicable. International applicants to Medical Laboratory Science at Armstrong are advised to communicate with the Department Head before arranging for foreign transcript evaluation. For an approved listing contact Armstrong State University Registrar's office or Enrollment Services 1-800-633-2349.

A student whose native language is not English must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and score a minimum of 523 on the written test (or a minimum of 193 on the computer-based TOEFL) for consideration for admission to the Department.

Travel and Practicum Rotations

Clinical practicum's are provided in the laboratories of St. Joseph's/Candler Health System, and Memorial Health University Medical Center all located in Savannah; Southeast Georgia Regional Medical Center in Statesboro; Medical University of South Carolina; and others as necessary. Other sites may be established after consultation with and approval by the MLS Department Head contingent upon pertinent policies and procedures. Due to the limited number of clinical sites in Savannah, it will be necessary to assign students to clinical sites outside of Savannah. Every effort is made to place students in sites convenient to their home. However, placement may be made which requires travel to sites outside of Savannah. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the clinical sites.

Practicum Rotation Assignments

Full-time enrolled students have top priority assignment to the practicums at the clinical sites. Full-time students who become enrolled in the program on a part-time basis will be assigned to rotations in the current and following year(s) after the full-time students are assigned if additional space is available. Thus, assignment to rotations cannot be guaranteed in a timely manner if one is enrolled on a part-time basis and such action may delay completion of the program and graduation.