Respiratory Therapy

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Dr. Douglas Masini

Admission & Scholarships

Admissions: Applicants should have completed the science core and started their 20 hour community volunteer requirements prior to interviewing for the program. Interviews are held in Spring semester.

The program starts in August at the beginning of the Fall semester. Candidates must be admitted to Arnstrong and complete their baccalaureate core requirements prior to admission to the major. Completion of the admission criteria does not guarantee admission to the major. Admission to the program is competitive and applications are due by March 1.  Applications received after March 1 will be considered on a space-available basis. Contact the department for specific information. A separate application is required.

Application to the Respiratory Therapy Program is a three-part process. Applicants must complete the Armstrong Application, the RT Program Application and the Community Volunteer Record.

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Community Volunteer Requirement Worksheet

Estimated Cost

Students can expect to incur additional expenses for uniforms, supplies, equipment and more. These expenses will run an estimated $2,500 over the two years in the major.


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