Rehabilitation Sciences

Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

Consistent with the mission of the university and the goals of the College of Health Professions, the overall mission of the Communication Sciences master's program is to educate individuals whose skills and knowledge in the area of speech-language pathology services meet the challenges of a rapidly changing field. Graduates will meet the expanding need in South Georgia, the state, region, and nation. The program will work collaboratively with the speech-language pathology community to improve the quality of speech-language pathology services and enhance the scientific basis of professional practice.


Speech-language pathology is a health care profession based upon scientific knowledge and principles. Practitioners of speech-language pathology evaluate, diagnose, treat, and instruct persons of all ages with communication disorders.

"Clinical-fellowship ready" speech-language pathologists require

  • Strong written and oral communication skills to share information and findings with clients, families, and other professionals
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills to diagnose and plan appropriate treatment
  • The emotional stability to render decisions and to respond quickly and appropriately in all situations

The role of the faculty is to

  • Be responsible for providing a learning environment and to serve as role models for continued adult learning
  • Provide guidance and advice for student success
  • Facilitate student learning by probing and questioning rather than providing "the answers"
  • Respect confidentiality of student records