Interprofessional Health Professions Collaboration

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2015 - Interprofessional Health Care Summit

2015 Interprofessional Health Care Summit Presentations

April 4, 2014—Interprofessional Health Care Summit

Armstrong hosted its first annual Interprofessional Health Care Summit on April 4, 2014.  Dr. Amy V. Blue from the University of Florida provided the keynote presentation.  In additional to poster sessions, twenty- four  participatory presentations were provided throughout the day with speakers not only from our local health care organizations, but from a rich variety of universities throughout the country, including the universities of San Francisco, Tennessee, Southern Indiana, Texas and Kansas. Presentations are provided below:

2014 Interprofessional Health Care Summit Presentations

April 11, 2014—Armstrong Emergency Simulation

Armstrong students from a variety of majors -- nursing, mechanical engineering, chemistry and health administration – participated in an exciting simulated emergency on campus. Students first learned about being part of a team and team roles and then were called to the scene of an “explosion” in the courtyard.  Students needed to conduct initial triage care and determine which victims should be first in the ambulances and how to calm “family members.”  They then moved to the simulation lab to find their victims as programmed mannequins in hospital beds. They needed to treat the extensive burn wounds, respiratory challenges and other medical complications. During the debriefing and triage a campus police officer provided guidance to students on how to improve their emergency response, as well as teamwork.  Photos of this event are provided here.