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Health Sciences


Bachelor of Health Science

The curriculum emphasizes a view that health is different from illness and is designed to teach new students and practicing health professionals this difference. Students earning the baccalaureate degree will develop expertise in the health sciences while focusing on applied health-related areas.

Health Administration Track
The administration and management of health care programs in a variety of settings, including hospitals, group practices, the private sector, the health and fitness industry, sales, gerontology, and public health.

Public & Community Health Track
The improvement of the quality of life and overall well-being by assisting individuals, communities, and societies in adopting healthy behaviors, policies, and environments. Employment settings may include public health programs, private sector programs, corporate wellness programs, gerontology, and the health and fitness industry.

Fitness Management (Pre-Sports Medicine) Track
Responsible for optimizing the health and performance of those involved in sporting activity at all levels. Employment settings may include hospital-based wellness centers, corporate wellness programs, nonprofit wellness programs, and health and fitness centers.

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