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Armstrong Commitment Fund

Armstrong Commitment Fund

Completing a College Degree Requires Commitment...Yours.

It’s not every day that you have the chance to change someone’s future.

Today is that day.

You’re invited to become a member of the new Armstrong Commitment Fund. As a member, you help bridge the gap many students currently enrolled at Armstrong face between financial aid and rising college costs. Without extra financial support, these students too often are left with no choice but to abandon their dreams of a college education.

Their future depends on your commitment.

The Armstrong Commitment Fund has been established to ensure as many current students as possible are able to continue their college education. In addition to monetary assistance, students aided by the fund will also receive financial counseling — a gift that will educate and benefit them long after graduation.

Become a Member

You can become a member of the Armstrong Commitment Fund by contacting the Office of Advancement, 912.344.2541. Along with your annual contribution of at least $1,000 to become a member of the Armstrong Commitment Fund comes the knowledge that you are making a crucial, perhaps life-changing difference in the life of an Armstrong student.

For Students Interested in Applying...

... please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 912.344.3266 or visit the Financial Aid Armstrong Commitment Fund web page.


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