Office of Field Experiences


June Erskine, Director
Erin Hinely, Admin. Assistant
University Hall 242

Internship II/Graduate Internship

(Student Teaching; Full time for 15 Weeks)

Internship II/Graduate Internship is the capstone learning experience for our senior students and the most practical and essential way for our interns to gain valuable insights, skills and content knowledge.

The role of the cooperating teacher is to provide input, feedback and guidance to our student interns as they learn and grow in their understanding of teaching and learning.  The intern is to be formally observed twice by the cooperating teacher during Internship II. The observation will also include a pre-conference and a post conference with the student intern. The university supervisor will formally observe the student intern at least five times during the semester. The university supervisor will meet with the cooperating teacher three times: within the first two weeks of the semester, at midterm and at the conclusion of Internship II. During those meetings, the evaluation instrument, CAP Keys, will be the focus of discussion regarding the teacher candidate’s strengths, growth, and areas of needed improvement. Pedagogical skills, capacity to effectively manage a classroom, and professional dispositions will be continuously evaluated.

Suggested Internship Schedule: (Dependent on school and grade level schedules)
Required Georgia PSC Minimum Fulltime Teaching: 20 days, 10 of which will be consecutive

Weeks 1: will include focused observations, tangible support for students, and part time teaching experiences.
Weeks 2: the intern will assume responsibilities for small teaching segments, i.e. mini lessons, or assessments, transition activities, etc. 
Weeks 3-8: intern assumes responsibilities for one curriculum area each week until he/she assumes full responsibilities for planning and instruction.
Weeks 9-14: Intern is fully responsible for planning, preparation, assessment, and instruction.
Week 15: transition of classroom responsibilities to cooperating teacher and observations in recommended classrooms.

Each Cooperating teacher will receive a Cooperating Teacher Handbook. Our expectations of the cooperating teacher are outlined in the handbook. Please refer to the Cooperating Teacher Handbook and the CAP KEYS Assessment instrument if you have any questions regarding the cooperating teacher’s role in this essential learning experience.


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