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June Erskine, Director
Erin Hinely, Admin. Assistant
University Hall 242

Request & View Field Placements

Guidelines for Field Placements

  • Be prompt. Sign in at the office. Wear your Armstrong Badge. Bring your emergency form.
  • Bring a letter of introduction from your Armstrong instructor and your attendance log.
  • Be respectful of the cooperating teacher's time and focus on his/her students.
  • Communicate expectations for assignments by email and confer with the teacher prior to interacting with the students to ensure you are fulfilling his/her goals and objectives as well as your professors' assignments.
  • Remember, you are a guest in the cooperating teacher's classroom. Contact the OFECPP office with any questions about your placement. Contact your professor with any questions about your assignment.
  • If you are not going to be able to attend a class on a designated date, contact your cooperating teacher in advance.
  • Have fun, be observant and reflective, and enjoy working with these wonderful students.

Requirements for Field Experience

There are certain requirements that are expected prior to any field experience.

  • A clear criminal background check, Through Certified Background Check, must be completed. The cost is $45. The online background check is processed in a timely manner and is completely confidential. Visit the Policies and Procedures webpage for more information.
  • Each Armstrong student, participating in a field experience needs tort liability insurance. The Office of Field Experiences’ web site has a list of various vendors. The cost is usually $7 per year. Visit the Policies and Procedures webpage for more information.
  • Each Armstrong student must complete an application form for Field Experience Placement. The Armstrong student has the opportunity to choose the level (elementary, middle or high school) and content area for middle and high school levels, for the field experience. The Armstrong student may not request a school unless there are extenuating circumstances. The completed form, with proof of insurance and background check password, must be returned to the university instructor by end of the second week of class. See Policies and Procedures for instructions and detailed script for contacting  your Cooperating Teacher. 
  • Each Armstrong student must view the Field Experience PowerPoint presentation before field experience can begin. Field Experiences Orientation PowerPoint

The Office of Field Placements, Clinical Practice and Partnerships will arrange all field placements. Armstrong students will not be allowed to place themselves. The registration form will be completed the first day of class. Individual information and considerations will be recorded on the form.

Area F EDUC 2130 Exploring Teaching and Learning

In this 30 hour field experience, Armstrong students will be required to observe, reflect, interact, and work with students throughout the semester. Guidelines have been developed to describe the appropriate types of interactions and field experience activities in which our students will be involved. At no time will Armstrong students be required or expected to write lesson or unit plans or to formally teach a lesson. The actual field experience schedule will be developed between the cooperating teacher and the Armstrong student. Examples of the types of field experience activities are: observations, informal interactions, individual and small group assistance, monitoring of independent work under the supervision of the classroom teacher, support of classroom teacher as he/she instructs, and reflection.Please note: required field experience time is in addition to class time. Please contact the OFECPP office with any questions.

EDUC 2130-Posting January 26

Field Experience-Posting January 26

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Internship II/Graduate

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